The benefits of walking – The Walk-Café

“No more cinema, no more restaurant, no more coffee shop, no more gym, every fortnight re-confined, no more friends … How do we survive? How do we keep going despite everything? How do we regain energy

We can move forward step by step, every day, in the same scenery with the same characters. 

We change the colours, the plot, the scenario, the taste of coffee.

We breathe in nature, we hear the sound of the wind in trees and birds still singing even in winter.

Everyone has his own method, I share mine with you: 1 hour walk every morning, early, almost every day the same place for the coffee-thermos walk break. It is an amazing antidote to the gloom, an anchorage as old as the world, but still effective

And you, what is your ritual? 

Feel free to share as I share below the pictures of my Walk-Café! 

Enjoy the end of the year and take care of yourself!”

See you soon


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