Tell me about Blooming Stone

Why this name, Blooming Stone, this “Anglicism” as my mother would say from a French perspective (even though she is an excellent English Teacher), instead of choosing a name from our country, a name that means something, or why not just Barberger Sylvie? (and finally, totally by chance it’s the same initials!).

First, because for me an English word was a must

English is essential to me: I like to get out of my comfort zone, English is the freedom to travel and meet the world, the other one. And everyone knows how vital traveling is for me. Because even though I’m French, I’ve lived a good part of my life elsewhere than on this territory! Also because in the Rhône-Alpes region we are very internationally oriented, and a large proportion of our SMEs immediately think bigger when they set up here!

Then “Blooming” means letting it blossom: the blossoming of a flower, allowing a baby to be born, Spring to burst out in all its splendor, life and energy to take their full place. 

And that’s what I love about my job as a recruiter and coach: when I see the spark ignite in the other person’s eyes, the body straighten, the voice become stronger because they feel recognized, because they find the connection with what is deep inside them. With the desires or memories that they had buried under years of daily grind or frustration or injunctions because “you have to earn your living”, take care of the children… and that they left aside their dreams and their uniqueness. Because through the interaction, the other realizes that what they do easily, with obviousness, what they are in their fragility, all of this has value, and deserves to be recognized and appreciated. 

With a real listening, a sincere interest in the other, the click happens! It does not happen by itself, it takes a little time and trust, discussions. A bit of tools and experience too. Finding the right words, helping to identify where the other is excellent, the mission they want to achieve on earth. Even if “mission” is a bit pretentious, even if (at the beginning)  they do not say it loud and clear.

“Blooming” is the mission to which I want to dedicate myself: to help people, companies, to identify what makes them different and dare to seek the best way to live it. Yet Blooming in a Stone world is not simple. In a hard world, more and more difficult even more these last months… Blooming despite stones, but also thanks to stones. They are here to force us to change, because we need obstacles to grow and structure ourselves, because commitment, a sense of responsibility, are essential to give a direction and keep it.

Blooming Stone’s project is to accompany small and medium-sized companies in their growth, to help them find the right employees and to make them want to join them, to help individuals find what they are made for and live it well, and to help young people strengthen their roots so that they can get their dreams off the ground and come back with stars in their eyes. 

Because everyone is worth it. 

Because if we put kindness, ethics, and heart into it, if we visualize and commit everything we are, wishes come true and success is there.  

Blooming Stone to bring out your potential!

See you soon.



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