Becoming by Michelle Obama : To be read even if it is difficult !

500 pages, a slow pace, no real twist, and a lot of details: we are far from the formats that are hitting the mark today. And yet Michelle Obama is a role model, an example for many, especially young people who could, wrongly, be discouraged by the thickness of the book. You can be exemplary and become a model… by making different choices ! You can assume your choices. Because you don’t become the first lady of the United States, and the first “black” woman in this position, overnight. Therefore, making the effort to read all the details of her life, step by step, even those that seem the most innocuous, makes it possible to realize that she did not arrive there by accident or by chance. We discover the difficulty of life on the South Side of Chicago in the 1970s, the work and tenacity she had to show, but also the joy of living, the importance of loving her family, the constant search for a professional life that suited her, the desire to fully express herself even if her non-conformity could have had unfortunate consequences sometimes, her constant fear of “not measuring up”. A great example of searching for hidden talents, which I advise you to read or listen to in an audio book ! We read it because we admire the person. We sometimes wonder why we read it because it may seem a little ordinary, long-lasting, sentimental… and yet it proves that a destiny like hers is within everyone’s reach. “An ordinary person with an extraordinary destiny”… provided that, like her, we do not give up on growing up with optimism !


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